Wednesday, January 13, 2016

So.. I have followers on this blog. But I never post on this blog. Sorry! I have another blog.. I just made it private. If you want to read it, send me an email and I might invite you. The other one didn't used to be private, and I held out for so long, but it became that way when I realized that my mother was reading it, twisting it, and using for her own crazy demented, narcissistic machinations. Which is also why I only *might* invite you to it. I must place uber trust in your non-involvement with anything mom-ward in order to read the deep craziness of that blog.
Which means... I'll probably try to post more here. Here, have a picture.

This is my amazing mother-in-law and her father who I never got to meet, who just died. RIP Grandpa Myers. I'm sorry I've never met you, but you and your wife have been so kind to me anyways.
Have another picture:
Here are the kids, after putting up my tree.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

David to cat: Hello kitteh.. you are not as panther as you think you are!

Thursday, October 24, 2013


OMG, my sister's boyfriend David says the funniest damn things.
He will just come in the house and I'm usually laughing within seconds.
I had to write this one down. Maybe it's just really funny to me, because it's also about how he changes his voice, but it was funny.
He comes upstairs to take Abbie to work and his cat is sleeping on the sleeping bag that they left on the couch. He says "Kitteh, what do you think you're doing? Are you sleeping on my sleeping bag?! That sleepin bag's not for sleepin! It's for BAGGIN!" and then just simply walked out of the house, not blinking an eye at my jump started snort of laughter.
I think from now on I will post David-isms.
It's mostly how he talks to his cat. Once, he came home, picked up his cat, held it up in his face, changed his voice and said "Kitteh... do you hope they call you on a mission??"

Sunday, August 18, 2013


If you didn't already know that I can be a smart ass to idiots, here is more proof.

This article was either poorly written, or the study poorly done. Some examples:

 "it certainly looks like people who report intakes of low amounts of coffee are not getting significant harm, and that's up to about 28 cups a week, which is a decent amount of coffee."

28 cups a week is considered someone reporting a LOW intake of coffee?

"men who drank more than 28 cups of coffee had a statistically significant 21% increased risk of all-cause mortality. In women, the risk was not statistically significant. In men younger than 55 years of age, drinking more than 28 cups per week was associated with a 56% increased risk of death compared with nondrinkers. In younger women, such heavy consumption increased the risk of death 113% compared with those who did not drink coffee."

Ok, so which is it? For women, is the risk not statistically significant or does my risk of death increase 113%? More especially, if you were saying the risk is not significant for ALL women, then how does it all of a sudden jump to 113% higher just because I'm under 55 years of age? Wouldn't you think the caffeine and etc in coffee would make an older woman's body react more strongly than a younger woman's more resilient one? 

"no association between coffee consumption and cardiovascular mortality."
"As reported previously, there are studies suggesting coffee might protect against heart failurediabetesstroke, and other conditions."

Ok, so what kinds of mortality are you talking about then?

"Noncardiovascular mortality is increased. And noncardiovascular mortality includes a lot of different things--it includes cancer and mortality from suicides and accidents and infections. Why would a high amount of coffee increase noncardiovascular mortality, particularly in young people? The mechanism is not clear. It might be only an association. It may not be that coffee caused the death. This is the case with studies that aren't randomized, and we're never going to get a randomized study of something like coffee."

So... you're studying how my high coffee drinking habits could increase my noncardiovascular mortality rates, such as suicides, accidents, and infections? But by the way it's probably not related at all and is just a freak coincidence?

"Honestly, for myself, I could easily go some days having a sixth cup of coffee"

Nice to know Mr Researcher. Nice to know. I'mma let you finish, but I need to go drink my pot of coffee first.

This is why I posted that comment.

Thursday, August 8, 2013


Many things.
One - I'm listening to Dan Carlin. Listen to him, I love him. (he's a podcaster.)
Two - I have recently discovered Timothy Dalton. I know he's a Bond, but he was easily forgettable to me because he's not the name people say when you hear the question "Who's your favorite Bond?". I didn't discover him through Bond. (although now I want to go watch those Bond movies.) I watched him through the 1983 version of Jane Eyre. I've been having the movie series playing in the background while I crochet a baby blanket, but I found myself staring down my tv screen every time he was on it. He's a great actor, and he's pretty damn easy on the eyes. Unless you're refusing to blink every time he appears on your tv screen, cause then the eyes protest a little. But just a little. Also, there's a scene in there where he's proclaiming his Rochester-ly love for Jane that was just awesome to me. I'll probably write about it somewhere else. When I read that he considers Jane Eyre one of his best works, I was happy. :)
Three - Oh yeah, I'm crocheting a baby blanket. Here, a picture:
Ok fail. Here's a LINK to the picture.
Baby blanket
I hope that works. If not, well then.. it's on instagram. Get an acct there. Or just find me. Voiceofangel.
I'm doing it for my boss who is due with her first child, a girl, in a month. So I'm doing it fast. It's based off of this pattern: Original pattern which is in French, and even when translated into English, was still based on how the French read/write their crochet patterns, which is way different than English. Working with my mom,  I got a semi correct translation. Well, about 90% of what she gave me was correct, but while working the pattern I discovered things that didn't make sense and so had to study the pictures to figure out what was meant.
What was great is that... I'm not one of those people who look at a pattern online and think "ooo, that blanket would be perfect in yellow!" (Although that might be a bad choice for an example, because I've never thought any blanket would be perfect in yellow) I see them as they already are. So I don't know if I fell in love with this pattern because it was pretty or because it was pretty in GRAY. But gray it was, and so gray mine is. I didn't have any pink for the little flowers though, so I pulled out a purple I'm going to use instead. And GUESS WHAT? A little over half way done with the blanket, I finally kinda slipped in a question to my boss (cause she doesn't know about this) about what her favorite colors are. Her favorite color is gray. But they decided to throw in some muted purple to do her new daughter's room, so that will be gray and purple.
Dude. Complete coincidence. Very awesome. She's probably going to think I planned that around her answer but no. I just asked her yesterday, and have been working on this blanket for a couple weeks now.

I'm very proud of my blanket. It'll be the first one I finish and I work on it every night. It's like the only goal in life I can accomplish.

I'm at work. I had to take a typing break because I don't take breaks at work, but my brain is just too full with multitasking information right now and I find myself staring at the screen thinking about it all. GAH

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